Zircon gemstones from Sri Lanka are mined primarily in the southern part of the island nation, particularly in areas like Ratnapura and Elahera. Sri Lanka has a long history of gem mining, and its zircon gemstones are highly regarded for their quality and color variety. Sri Lankan zircons are often heat-treated to enhance their color and clarity, a common practice in the gemstone industry.

Apart from their beauty, zircon gemstones are also believed to have metaphysical properties and healing benefits. Some people believe that zircon gemstones can promote spiritual growth, enhance creativity, and bring prosperity and good fortune to the wearer.

For anyone looking to purchase zircon gemstones from Sri Lanka, it is important to buy from reputable and trustworthy sellers who offer genuine and high-quality gemstones. Due to the popularity of Sri Lankan zircons, there are many counterfeit or synthetic stones in the market, so buyers should always ensure they are purchasing from reliable sources.
As Sri Lankan professional gemstone exporter, We can certify that we can supply gems that you need with good quality.

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Below 1ct., 1-2ct., 2-5ct., 5-10ct., More than 10ct.


Round, trilliant, Oval, Pear, Octagon, Emarald, Cushion, Heart, Cabochon, Other


Eye Clean, Loupe Clean, Bluff, Other


Green, Yellow, Brown, White, Blue, Other


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